• Agronomy

  • The basis for any productive, sustainable pasture is a dense healthy base of desirable plant species. In most Hills pasture situations, this means maintaining a good base of desirable perennial grasses or legumes, that provide year round land protection and competition against weeds. They also provide a longer period of forage for grazing stock than with other plant types.

    Specific annual forages (including cereals, short term rye grasses and legumes) do have important roles, either when renovating pastures or in cropping rotations

    In either scenario, sound pasture management is critical for the best results. FP-AG’s five agronomists can advise on all the important elements of a sound pasture program including:

    • Soil and plant testing and pasture nutrition
    • Preferred grazing management (and how this can boost pasture growth and reduce pest or weed problems)
    • Weed and pest management
    • Cost-effective pasture renovation
    • Hay and silage production

    FP-AG supports graziers with a comprehensive range of pasture input products. Look to FP-AG for the best local advice and support for productive, sustainable pastures.