• Animal Health

  • FPAG offers a great range of advice, services and products when it comes to animal health, production & management. We cover all types of livestock, even horses, goats & alpacas. The basis of healthy stock is adequate nutrition. FPAG staff can help you achieve this through healthy pastures, feeding and best practice in drenching, vaccinations and all things Animal Health. We take everything into account :

    • Stocking rate and production targets
    • Type and quality of forage available in your paddocks
    • Seasonal changes in the feed supply from your paddocks
    • Following on, FPAG can assist with your animals’ wider health issues, including disease and pest management.
    • Experienced staff can arrange and even help collect faecal egg counts and resistance tests to assist with parasite control. A drenching program can be designed for your farm and management system.
    • We hold Information Days on different topics - the best way to keep informed on these is to keep an eye on our Facebook Pages or our Community Page on the website.

    Previous topics have been:

    • Dipping for lice
    • Nutrient supply through water supply
    • Parasite control and timing
    • ReproActive Sessions covering critical mating weights, condition scoring, bull health etc
    • Horse nutrition & electric fencing 
    • Introduction to new animal health products
  • Animal Handling Systems

    Efficiency and safety for both yourself and your animals are the priority when choosing animal handling equipment. Through many years of experience with livestock handling equipment, FPAG can help select the range of products that are going to satisfy your needs. Whether it's a patch-up/build on of existing yards, or complete new yard systems, round yards, handling equipment, we can help you.

    Quality companies such as Arrow FarmQuip, Norton Australia, Gallagher Australia and Trutest give FPAG the ability to satisfy your sheep, cattle, goat, alpaca & horse handling & management needs.

    FPAG carries a full range of ear tags, weighing equipment and NLIS based identification equipment to identify your animals. Identification of your stock is the only way to understand how your animals are performing and so being able to address their individual needs.