• Pasture & Broadacre Agronomy - Including Soil Testing & Weed Management

  • Improving production with Effective, Efficient, Economical Agronomy. From the ground up.

  • FPAG’s team of experienced agronomists can offer the full range of agronomic support services to pasture, horticulture and broadacre cropping eneterprises, including:

    • Soil testing (basic and comprehensive tests available with reports and planning)
    • Feed testing (measure the energy, protein, fibre etc in your hay/silage/grain or pasture)
    • Efficient, objective crop planning support;
    • Crop rotation and variety selection for the best production, profit and disease management outcomes;
    • Crop and pasture protection products including;
          • Decision support on if/when to treat;
          • Pest identification and control options;
          • Hard-to-kill weeds (include pesticide resistance management);
          • Utilising the AgWorld Agronomy package

    Our agronomy team is backed up by FPAG’s full range of pasture and cropping seeds, fertiliser and agricultural chemical products.

    FPAG also undertake local field trials and offer the latest local crop and pasture agronomy advice.


  • Greg Mitchell

    Head Pasture Agronomist

    0417 814 037

  • Orville Hillderbrand

    0400 432 374

  • Adrian Clarke

    0404 044 927

  • Ryan Bateman

    0428 466 665

  • Pasture Management

     The basis for any productive, sustainable pasture is a dense healthy base of desirable plant species. In most Fleurieu and Hills pasture situations, this means maintaining a good base of desirable perennial grasses or legumes, that provide year round land protection and competition against weeds. They also provide a longer period of forage for grazing stock than with other plant types.

    Specific annual forages (including cereals, short term rye grasses and legumes) do have important roles, either when renovating pastures or in cropping rotations.

    In either scenario, sound pasture management is critical for the best results. FPAG’s agronomists can advise on all the important elements of a sound pasture program including:

    • Soil and plant testing and pasture nutrition
    • Preferred grazing management (and how this can boost pasture growth and reduce pest or weed problems)
    • Weed and pest management
    • Cost-effective pasture renovation
    • Hay and silage production

    FPAG supports graziers with a comprehensive range of pasture input products. Look to FPAG for the best local advice and support for productive, sustainable pastures.