• Water Management for South Australian Farmers

  • There are a huge number of tank, pump, piping, pipe fitting and trough suppliers out there with differing quality. FPAG stocks top quality water management products because we know how precious water is.

    No matter whether it is a large on farm storage system, or a household water tank for drinking or watering the garden, FPAG can package and deliver what you require.

    Some of those quality brands include Maxiplas, Bushman's, Polymaster and Kilkee (Tankpoly) Tanks, Davey Pumps, Claytech Pumps, Philmac and Guyco Fittings.

    We also have a large range of stock water troughs, including concrete and poly troughs - both round & rectangular and in most sizes.

    Firefighting equipment and garden sprayers are also very popular at all FPAG stores.  Popular brands such as Solo Sprayers, Silvan, TTI, and Davey Firefighters are on hand or readily sourced.